Presence of Mind: A practical introduction to mindfulness and meditation
By Michael Mrazek Ph.D., Alissa Mrazek Ph.D, Kaita Mrazek
Presence of Mind book cover

There’s no such thing as a panacea. No magic secret is going to turn your life into dollar signs and rainbows. So it’s understandable that people respond with skepticism to the endless reports in the media about how mindfulness seems to be good for just about everything. And yet the scientific literature does show that mindfulness can improve an incredible number of things that truly matter in our lives. Research shows that mindfulness can improve our physical health, reduce our stress, strengthen our relationships, help us think more clearly, and make us happier—not to mention that it can help treat a wide range of mental illnesses. How could mindfulness be so good for so many different things? The answer is that attention is like a spotlight, and where you shine it is the best predictor of what you’ll experience. Mindfulness trains attention, giving you greater influence over your thoughts, evaluations, and emotions. How might your life be different if you could more skillfully guide your thoughts, emotions, and actions on a moment-by-moment basis? This book provides a clear, practical, evidence-based introduction to cultivating mindfulness and using it to improve your life. Use it to focus your mind, master your emotions, and create a truly reliable happiness.


A video supplement to the book -- how to sit in meditation: