Empirical Wisdom Movement Instruction

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Kaita received degrees in Dance and Psychology and went on to pursue dance as a career.  Along the way, she experienced the toll of long rehearsals on her body and was drawn to Pilates and Yoga as ways to rehabilitate and condition herself for the longevity of her dance career. She soon realized that these practices also awakened an acceptance and compassion for her body.

In addition to studying Yoga, Pilates, and Dance, she has explored Resistance Flexibility Training, Prenatal Yoga, and countless anatomy and movement workshops. Her thirst for learning about movement is insatiable. She is constantly in awe of the human body. 

Giving birth to her daughter in 2015 helped her more deeply appreciate the amazing power and plasticity of the human body, and gratitude for having a strong and healthy body to be able to care for and play with her little girl. She is motivated to help others become more comfortable and free in their own bodies so that they can fully engage with their passions.



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